Our passion for excellence has driven us from the beginning, and continues to drive us into the future.

our story

Shawn and I started the journey to beekeeping in 2014 when we wanted to have a homestead.  When I brought up the subject of bees Shawn was not interested at first so I went on a recovery with a local beekeeping family and completely fell in love with the bees.  As I talked about them and got excited to have bees of my own we found out that Shawn's uncle was also a beekeeper!  Let's just say it took Shawn no time to also fall in love with the girls!  We took a class at our local University and soaked in as much as we could.  As we began to grow our apiary we realized there was a need for a local store just for beekeepers.  So we opened up Queen Bee Supply LLC in 2018.   If you live in the Southeast Texas, Southwest Louisiana area come by and have a cup of coffee and talk bees!

me working wout gloves.png

how to get started

There are a few things we suggest when

interested in becoming a beekeeper:

         1st  Come see us at the shop and learn about the hardware and

                Personal Protective Equipment you will need to get started.

          2nd  Join a group or club in your area

          3rd  Find a mentor

          4th  If you have a class at a university or that your group/club

                  puts on sign up and go to it!