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Our passion for excellence has driven us from the beginning, and continues to drive us into the future.

our story

The journey to beekeeping started in 2014 when I wanted to homestead.  A friend invited me to the Crisis Preparation Expo where I was introduced to beekeeping.  what was initially supposed to be a few colonies. Within a year I had over 100 hives!  After a few years of waiting way longer than I should have for my orders, or items missing and/or damaged I decided opening up a beekeeping shop was to be my next adventure!  September 2018 Queen Bee Supply LLC opened its doors.  The journey has not always been easy, but God has blessed us thru the good and the bad.    If you live in the Southeast Texas, Southwest Louisiana area, or just driving thru, come by and have a cup of coffee and talk bees!

me working wout gloves.png

how to get started

There are a few things we suggest when

interested in becoming a beekeeper:

         1st  Come see us at the shop and learn about the hardware and

                Personal Protective Equipment you will need to get started.

          2nd  Join a group or club in your area

          3rd  Find a mentor

          4th  If you have a class at a university or that your group/club

                  puts on sign up and go to it!


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